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Albanian Occupiers Declare Holy Kosovo-Metohija "Independent"

Dear Serbian, Greek, and other Eastern Orthodox Brothers and Comrades,

Albanians, with the help and backing of the Western imperialists, have declared Holy Kosovo-Metohija -- the ethno-religious spirtiual heartland of Orthodox Serbia -- as "independent" from the Serbian state! We are heartened to learn that Serbia, Russia, Greece/Cyprus, Romania, and Bulgaria have made it clear that they will not recognize this anomalous pseudo-entity as a state.

However, we must ensure that not a single Orthodox Christian state recognizes this so-called independence and, should any Orthodox state recognize "independence" (now or ever), all militant Orthodox Christian revolutionaries (and particularly those who champion the holy cause of Orthodoxy, Radical Nationalism, and Socialism) are called to do whatever they can in whatever capacity to overthrow the political establishment in question and punish the traitors that would betray our Orthodox Christian Faith and our Orthodox Serb Brothers.

In addition, all Orthodox Christians -- revolutionaries or not -- are called to offer their humble prayers to Christ our Lord and to the Mother of God -- for this is a spiritual battle that will be won only through our faith and spiritual growth and strength as Orthodox Christians and, of course, through the divine mercy of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Long live the One True Faith of Orthodoxy and our Fatherlands!

Adamantios Koukouves
Founder of Serbian-Hellenic Brotherhood: www.serbia-hellas.com

"Today KOSOVO, Tomorrow MAKEDONIA, and then, THAKI.... a sad day for Orthodoxy! One more victory for the Islamo-Fascists.",
by Enas-Ellhnas-blogspot.com

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