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What Turkish Minority? - This is ONLY the calm before the storm...

European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) ordered Greece to pay indemnity in one of two cases filed by Turkish Minority Foundations, on Thursday. In the first case, ECHR ruled that Greece has violated the Article 11 of the European Convention on Human Rights on "the right to freedom of peaceful assembly and to freedom of association with others" by shutting down foundations belonging to the Turkish minority. In this case filed by Galip Galip and his seven consorts --upon the dissolution of "Iskece Turkish Union" and "Western Thrace Turkish Alumni" associations-- the court ordered Greek Government to pay an indemnity of 8 thousand Euro.

The second case was filed by Hulya Emin and her friends in 2005 against the dissolution of the "Turkish Women`s Cultural Organisation " .

Considering the prolongment of the case, the ECHR ruled that Greece had violated the Article 6 of the convention on "the right to a fair and public hearing within a reasonable time by an independent and impartial tribunal established by law", but did not order payment of indemnities.

The reasoned verdict said, associations had the right to promote their ethnic cultures and this did not constitute a threat of any sorts to a democratic society. It said minorities of different cultures were a historic reality and noted that democratic countries should tolerate and protect these minorities.

Greek courts ordered the dissolution of the said foundations on the grounds that they identified themselves as "Turkish Minority" rather than "Muslim Minority" .



A Voice in the Wilderness...We are many... Participate TODAY!

by Theodoros Karakostas

The following letter of protest is intended to express complete opposition to the administration's announcement that military assistance will be provided to the regime that presently occupies the Serbian province of Kosovo. This is a policy that is morally and politically repugnant, as the AlQaeda connected KLA government is responsible for the violation of the human rights and religious freedom of Serbs living in Kosovo. I write as a Greek Orthodox believer and American citizen that abhors the unrelenting bullying of Serbia. While I fully understand that the staff is quite busy, I would be most appreciative if someoneat the Embassy could explain to me why Serb suffering in Kosovo for the past nine years has been entirely unopposed by our government, NATO, United Nations, and European Union while any time any Serbs are complicit in some sort of stupid behavior as in the attack on the Embassies there seems to be unanimous condemnation of all Serbs collectively? I would like to know why there have been no arrests since the Orthodox Monks Father Chariton Lukicand Stefan Purim were decapitated by the Muslims in 1999, and why the KLA leadership has not been held responsible for the March 2004 pogroms in Kosovo that resulted in four days of terror against innocent Serb civilians? I would like to know why the destruction of beautiful Serbian Churches and Monasteries that survived the Ottoman centuries of occupation, the Nazis, and decades of Communism have not survived under the occupation of NATO, the United Nations, and the European Union? I would like to express my grief at the horrendous suffering that Serbs are enduring in Kosovo. As an Orthodox Christian, my suffering brothers of Kosovo are in my thoughts and prayers during this lenten season that is being observed by Eastern Orthodox Churches. I am particularly distressed over thed estruction of all the Churches, with the Sacred Chalices, Icons, Crucifixes, and Gospels. As a Greek Orthodox, the events in Kosovo bring to mind the status of the Greek Churches of occupied Cyprus which have been systematically destroyed under the Turkish occupation. I would like to ask why it is that Orthodox Christians are exempt from the protection of international law, and why the vile desecration of Orthodox houses of worship from Kosovo to Cyprus are tolerated? The United States has gone out of its way to placate Muslim sensibilities, why are the religious sensibilities of Orthodox Christians treated with such indifference? Kosovo is Serbia! This is a historic fact, as is the reality that Serbia was a staunch American ally in two World Wars! The Croats, Bosnian Muslims, and Muslims of Kosovo were collaborators of the Nazis that aided and abetted the Holocaust. It is oxy moronic for the administration to support military aid to the KLA regime while claiming to be waging a "War on terror". The KLA has been hosting Al Qaeda, a fact that has been documented by terrorism expert Yossef Bodansky, and by numerous journalists and Balkan experts.


Τό Τέμενος της Ολυμπίας Γης

Στη Νότια πλευρά του Ολυμπείου, υπήρχε τεμενος αφιερωμενο στην Ολυμπία Γη. Η μάνα θνητών και αθανάτων Γή λατρευόταν εδώ από τα βάθη των αιώνων με το προσωνύμιο Ολυμπία, παρμένο από το «άξιον τέκνον» της , τον Ολύμπιο Δία. Μπροστά από το τέμενος της μάνας Γής βρισκόταν ένα χάσμα, απ όπου Πίστευαν πως έφυγαν τα νερά του κατακλυσμού τον καιρό του Δευκαλίωνος. Οπως ο Νώε της βίβλου, έτσι και ο Δευκαλίων και η Πύρρα της Ελληνικής μυθολογίας ήταν οι μοναδικοί άνθρωποι που επέζησαν ύστερα από έναν φοβερό κατακλυσμό. Όταν η οργή των θεών Πέρασε, άραξαν στόν Παρνασσό, όπου ήρθε μήνυμα από τους θεούς πως, Αν θέλουν να αναστήσουν των ανθρώπων το γένος, πρέπει να ρίχνουν πίσω τους «τα κόκαλα της μέγαλης μανας» .

Ο Δευκαλίων ερμήνευσε την Εντολή :

μάνα είναι η γή και τα κόκαλα της οι πέτρες της. Άρχισαν, λοιπόν, να ρίχνουν πέτρες πίσω τους και από τις πέτρες του Δευκαλίωνος γεννιούνταν άνδρες , ενώ από της Πύρρας γυναίκες.

Οι πέτρες με αυτό τον τρόπο ζωντάνεψαν έναν ολόκληρο λαό, γι αυτό η προιστορική λέξη λας, που σημαίνει πέτρα , δημιουργεί τη λέξη λαός. Ο λαός αυτός ονομάσθηκε Ελληνικός από τον Έλληνα , τον πρωτότοκο γιό του Δευκαλίωνος και της Πύρρας.


A Day of Infamy... the Saga continues 2008

Rome, 16/11/1993 (ANA - S. Aravopoulou): Italy said yesterday that it intended to recognise Skopje under the name of Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. "Italy will recognise the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia under the name of FYROM, not as 'Macedonia' ", an Italian Foreign Ministry spokesman told the ANA yesterday.

In Paris meanwhile, French Foreign Minister Alain Juppe yesterday referred to the possibilities of forging diplomatic ties "at any given moment" with Skopje. Expressing his regrets that no solution has yet been found to the dispute between Greece and FYROM on the latter's name, he noted that "since it concerns a member-state of the United Nations, I believe, that at any given moment one should accept the consequences, and forge diplomatic relations with this small country of two million people". Mr. Juppe also expressed his "full understanding for the positions of our Greek friends",
and hoped that negotiations to find a solution would continue.

Capitulation a recourse to False Peace...

"If I knew then what I know now!"

Athens, 16/11/1993 (ANA): The government said yesterday that no neighbouring country should intervene in any way in the conflict in former Yugoslavia. "As you know, the commitment undertaken by the previous government remains in effect, according to which Greece believes that no neighbouring country should intervene in any way in the conflict in former Yugoslavia, either directly or indirectly, that is, either by sending troops or arms and munitions", Alternate Foreign Minister Theodoros Pangalos told the press.

He was replying to a question on possible measures to be taken by the EC Council of Ministers to prevent the break-up of the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) and the outbreak of fresh conflict in the region. Stressing that Greece was against all sources of tension and unrest, especially armed conflict, Mr. Pangalos said the government desired that the human rights and the rights of "strong" minorities in Skopje would be respected. He said the government also wished that extremist views be avoided, such as re-consideration of the borders, and also extremist actions such as arming and plotting schemes. Nine ethnic Albanians in FYROM, including Deputy
Defence Minister Hisen Haskaj were arrested early last week on alleged charges of conspiracy against the state, with the Skopjan press reporting that the conspirators had smuggled some 300 automatic rifles from Albania for an estimated 20,000

According to Skopjan television, Haskaj belongs to a group plotting union with Albania. This organisation is reportedly linked with like-minded Albanian nationalist groups in the neighbouring Serbian province of Kosovo. Ethnic Albanians account for at least a quarter of FYROM's two million people, and 90 per cent of Kosovo's (southern Serbia) two million.

Albania itself has three million people.

Οί Μέν και οί Δέν

Athens, 16/11/1993 (ANA): Prime Minister Andreas Papandreou had talks yesterday with President Constantine Karamanlis on the economy and a range of national issues including the Cyprus problem, relations with Albania and the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. "The Cyprus problem is again at a new impasse", Mr. Papandreou said after the meeting. "As you know the Turkish side has rejected the confidence-building measures. This does not mean that the Greek Cypriot side is satisfied with these measures ... and the aim of my meeting with Cyprus President Glafcos Clerides (today) will be to formulate a joint policy on the Cyprus issue". Mr. Papandreou said that he agreed with Mr. Clerides that "our principle is not 'Cyprus decides and we support', but rather 'we jointly decide' ".

Replying to questions on the results of Foreign Minister Karolos Papoulias' tour of Balkan capitals, which included Tirana, Mr. Papandreou said that there was a "general agreement"
that the ethnic Greek minority in Albania will be entitled to Greek education "wherever they live in Albania, not just in Northern Epirus". He said there would also be a "corresponding"
agreement on the issue of illegal Albanian immigrants entering Greece which would "conclusively" settle the problem. When the issue of the Tsamides was raised, Mr. Papandreou said, Mr. Papoulias told the Albanian side that the issue of compensation could be examined by the legal departments of the Greek and Albanian foreign ministries. The Tsamides are an
Albanian-speaking group which collaborated with the Italian and German fascist occupation forces in Greece during the Second World War. After the liberation, they sought refuge in
neighboring Albania.

On the issue of the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Mr. Papandreou said that President Kiro Gligorov "now has the responsibility to demonstrate that he desires good relations with Greece, which is the only country that does not pose a threat to Skopje". Mr. Papandreou reiterated that Greece would not recognise a country on its northern border under the name of
'Macedonia' or any derivative of that word. The talks were the first between Mr. Papandreou and Mr. Karamanlis since the Panhellenic Socialist Movement (PASOK) came to power following
elections on October 10. Mr. Papandreou said that he intended to have regular meetings with the president in the future.

Greek soldiers protecting the Sokolica Monastery in Kosovo

No matter the weather, time of day or level of danger, Greek soldiers can be found standing guard over one of Kosovo’s most famous Orthodox monasteries.

Members of the 647th Mechanised Infantry Battalion have been protecting Sokolica Monastery since 2002.

One squad, including one officer and 10 non-commissioned officers, is always on duty on monastery grounds watching for possible threats and preparing to take action in case of any emergency. Should a crisis present itself, additional forces are always on standby to quickly respond.

“My main mission here is to keep the monastery in a safe and secure environment,” said Sergeant Tzivis, 647th MIB. “We protect it from the three Albanian villages nearby.”

Mother Abbess Makaria, head nun, said Danish forces were the first Kosovo Force members to guard the monastery in 1999. She said with them, as with the Greek forces now, she looks at the soldiers as protectors rather than occupiers.

“After the arrival of Nato (in Kosovo), 168 churches were destroyed,” said Mother Makaria. “If it wasn’t for Nato, they would have all been destroyed.”

Mother Makaria said the Greek soldiers have the common bond of the Orthodox religion with her and the other sisters of Sokolica/Sokollice. This shared faith has allowed the two groups to live like a family.

“I am happy we have the Greek soldiers here,” said Mother Makaria. “Last year for Holy Week we made services together. On Good Friday we had a special service with two groups of singers, one Greek and one Serbian. I sang with the Greek group, and we sounded better.” She laughs.

Mother Makaria’s agenda is one of peace. She feels her Kosovo-Albanian neighbours would respect the monastery even if the Greek soldiers weren’t present, but she enjoys the protection.

“I’m not expecting something bad in the future, but it isn’t all roses here,” said Mother Makaria. “God will decide what happens with Kosovo, and everyone will have to accept His will.”

Mother Makaria was clear that anyone in need was always welcome at the monastery. She has numerous stories of providing help to Serbian and Kosovo-Albanian people. She also has many stories of miracles occurring when people pray to the Virgin Mary for help.

According to the Kosovo.net, this famous Orthodox monastery was built between the 14th and 15th centuries, probably by a landlord from the nearby town of Zvecan. The area probably earned its status as a monastery because legend has it that a sculpture of the Virgin Mary with Christ was brought there from the Banjska Monastery in order to hide the statue from the Turks.

Mother Makaria offers two additional stories of how the statue was brought to the monastery. It’s easy to trust in Mother Makaria’s historic accounts of the monastery because she is an educated and well-spoken woman. In addition to having a doctorate’s degree in chemistry and a master’s in theology, the 66-year-old nun is fluent in multiple languages.

Regardless of what story is historically accurate, Mother Makaria is sure of the power of prayer to the Virgin Mary through this statue.

“The statue gives children to husbands and wives who are told by doctors that they can’t have children,” said Mother Makaria. “One Muslim woman came here to pray. She was married for 11 years with no children. Her husband was a good man and stayed with her even though he could have left her after five years without children.

“She said the doctor told her she could not have children,” Mother Makaria continued. “She prayed to Mary. She asked Mary for one son, and she received one son shortly after.”

Mother Makaria laughed as she told the story of the woman’s return to the statue to pray many years after she gave birth to her son.

“I asked her why she was praying to the statue again,” said Mother Makaria. “I know she had been given a son so many years ago when she asked. She said that now that her son has grown up and isn’t married, she needed to ask Mary for a bride for him.”

All of the stories of the miracles and good deeds that have occurred at the monastery have been spread through the local villages, said Mother Makaria. This could be why a day will come when some people would try to bring harm to the site in some kind of political riot. Although the Greek soldiers hope that day will never come, they will make sure they are ready for any situation.

“Of course I’m proud to protect this monastery,” said Sergeant Tzivis. “I am Orthodox, and that helps also. I miss my family, but I know this in an important site.”

Sergeant Tzivis is not married, but said he misses his parents and girlfriend very much. This is his third mission in Kosovo and second at the monastery. At the end of this tour, he will have spent two years in Kosovo. Still, he stays focused on his mission and remains proud to serve.

Tech Sgt Jason Smith is with the US Air Force, Kosovo Force.


τα κρινάκια της θάλασσας

Είχα γράψει παλιότερα για τα κρινάκια της θάλασσας. Ενα από τα θαύματα που μας προσφέρει η ελληνική φύση από την αρχαιότητα μέχρι τις μέρες μας.
Διάβασα στην Εύπλοια πως την Τρίτη 26 Φεβρουαρίου 2008 στην παραλία των Αγκαθωπών της Ποσειδωνίας πραγματοποιήθηκε «καθαρισμός» στα φυτά που βρίσκονται στην άμμο.
Πρακτικές σαν αυτές το μόνο αποτέλεσμα που μπορούν να έχουν είναι να βοηθάνε στην εξαφάνιση του είδους.
Σπάνια και πολύτιμα και ο πληθυσμός τους μειώνεται συνεχώς καθώς ο κόσμος δεν είναι ενημερωμένος. Μήπως θα έπρεπε η πολιτεία να λάβει κάποια μέτρα; Οπως να ενημερωθεί ο κόσμος και ν'απαγορευτεί διά νόμου η κοπή τους;

Ολες οι πληροφορίες εδώ.

Pancratium maritimum ή κρίνος της άμμου ή θαλασσόκρινος. Ο Κρίνος αυτός είναι γνωστός από αρχαίες εικονογραφήσεις και πασίγνωστος από τις τοιχογραφίες της υστεροκυκλαδικής Θήρας. Ανήκει στην οικογένεια των Αμαρυλλιδών (Amarylldeceae). Πρόκειται για πολυετή βολβόρριζη πόα που αρχίζει να ανθίζει τον Αύγουστο. Τα άνθη του είναι μεγάλα χοανοειδή 3 με 15 σε κάθε σκιάδιο, εύοσμα και λευκά. Οι ανθήρες είναι κίτρινοι σε 6 μακρούς και λευκούς στήμονες. Μετά την άνθηση σχηματίζονται χοντρές κάψες, που έχουν τους σπόρους. Όταν «σκάσουν» οι κάψες οι μαύροι ανάλαφροι σπόροι, οι οποίοι μοιάζουν με κομμάτια κάρβουνου, διασκορπίζονται με τον αέρα στη θάλασσα, μεταφέρονται επιπλέοντας με τα κύματα και διασπείρονται στις ακτές για να δώσουν νέα φυτά. Το φυτό αυτό αποτελεί ένα από τα σπανιότερα είδη που υπάρχει στη χώρα μας. Η αύξηση του πληθυσμού τους θερινούς μήνες, με τους παραθεριστές προκαλεί προβλήματα στην επιβίωσή του, αλλά όπως φαίνεται κάποιοι φροντίζουν η επιβίωσή του να γίνεται δύσκολη και τους χειμερινούς μήνες.
Ας σκεφτούμε καλά! Κάποια στιγμή πρέπει να πάψουμε να υποθηκεύουμε το μέλλον του φυσικού περιβάλλοντος πριν να είναι αργά! Αν δεν ενδιαφερόμαστε για το σήμερα, ας ενδιαφερθούμε επιτέλους για το αύριο και τις επόμενες γενιές. Πρέπει να σκεφτούμε καλύτερα αυτά που πράττουμε σήμερα εμείς και τις επιπτώσεις που θα ζήσουν οι επόμενοι.

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